Anxious? Unfulfilled?

Are you feeling stressed about the way your life is going? Stressed about how you’ve been acting? Are you feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied with your recent life choices?

On the outside, you have it all -- careers, families, material things. But on the inside, you're angry, hiding; you're tired; you're ashamed. Or maybe you don't want people to see the "real" you.

I work with high-achievers who want to improve their relationships with alcohol, drugs, and to other people so they can live a stress-free life. I help you to reduce your dependence on external sources, and start finding your strength from the inside.

Working with me will help you:
• adjust your substance use
• have better relationships with family and spouses
• let go of your anger
• understand boundaries
• identify your needs
• have healthier attachments to people
• let go of people-pleasing behaviours
• manage stress and anxiety

That is, if you consistently do the work.

I’ll help you recover from everything so you can grow into a version of yourself you can be completely proud of.

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Clients say…

”Kinga is intelligent and insightful. She is able to zero in on our words and our feelings and our body language. She is able to shine a light on new possibilities for us to consider.”
”I had zero ability to set boundaries, communicate my own needs or confidently stand up for myself. By the end of the four weeks I am way more confident, taken big leaps in my own life and started communicating better which is drastically improving my relationships.”
”Kinga has a gift! That’s the only way I can think of to describe her counseling abilities. She knows how to ask the right questions to help me reach the real conclusions and dig me out of denial.”
”As I’m not addicted to alcohol or drugs, I wasn’t sure of her capacity to work with someone who wanted to work on themselves. I was most interested in understanding how people perceive me, how I can communicate better with those in my life and having healthier relationships with people around me, personally and professionally. I have worked with other therapists, social workers & professionals in the past and just haven’t felt the click, but about 5 minutes into our chat, I knew I wanted to work with Kinga. She made me feel so comfortable and heard - I felt safe to share absolutely everything with her and on that first call, lightbulbs were already starting to light up for me.”

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