What You Need to Know

Client Successes

The men and women who have worked with me...

After the first two weeks,
I had already noticed a difference in my life and relationships. 
JL, 35

I am a newish mom, and was really struggling with substance abuse. My behaviour was becoming increasingly concerning. After a relatively short time, I've had life-changing results that I am eternally grateful for.
KT, 38

I've never felt better. 
Working with Kinga has given me a new sense of freedom. 
AF, 40

Kinga has helped motivate me to live a substance free life and her guidance has given me the hope and the confidence that I can lead and actually live a life that is better than the one I have created for myself.
SC, 28

She is so genuine and respectful. There is a calm I felt even after such a short time working together.
CD, 43

Kinga was so helpful, genuinely cared about everyone in the group and was our own personal cheerleader. 
KM, 35

Kinga has a gift! She knows how to ask the right questions to help me reach the real conclusions and dig me out of denial. I’ve felt like a ball of wires all tangled up, and she is helping me to untangle.
NP, 48

Are You Recovering From Everything?

I offer various life-coaching modalities to men and women who qualify.

This service ensures people stop feeling and behaving in ways that keep them from being who they want to be.

This is perfect for people who:

-- struggle with boundaries and co-dependent behaviours
-- have romantic or family relationship stressors
-- just can't stop behaving a certain way and need to get out of a cycle

Are You Recovering From A Relationship with Alcohol?

On the outside, you have it all: careers, families, friends, material things.

But on the inside, you're afraid;
you're tired;
you're embarassed.

You’ve tried to stop on your own or take breaks or stick to just one or two drinks… but every time, you slide back to the exact behaviour you’re running away from.

You know you are not in control anymore, and you have a LOT to lose.

Ready to stop this today?

“If you are not willing to give up your past, then you will always be stuck in your present.” -- unknown

If you're still unsure, let's have a chat and see if or how I can help you