The Self-Control Solution

This 2-month online program with in-depth virtual coaching twice a week is designed for women who are ready to CHANGE their relationship with alcohol…

… for women who value high-level support…

... for women who want to feel in CONTROL of their drinking and their lives -- whatever control looks like to you!

… for women who are ready to finally feel calm, confident, and free.

You will reduce your guilty feelings, repair your relationships, and stop any long-term damage to your health for the long-term.

This is for women who:

✅ are tired of worrying about the effects of their drinking (hurt relationships with partner, children, employer, or friendships)
✅ want to learn how to feel completely in control of their relationship with alcohol
✅ are embarrassed by what happens when they drink, or how often they drink

✅ have busy, full lives and want the convenience of an online program
✅ are ready to invest in the long-term betterment of their lives

It's called The Self-Control Solution (™) and it will show you how to do exactly that.

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