Client Reviews

See what some of my clients say about their successes:

Male, 40, Transformation Mastery
Reason for reaching out: attracting toxic relationships in my life, self image, self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Things we've worked on:  Past traumas and how it's affected me throughout my life,  attachment styles in relationships, addictions, journaling, gratitude, self-awareness, and establishing boundaries.
I've never felt better. The last 8 months working with Kinga have given me a new sense of freedom. My anxiety levels have dropped dramatically, confidence has increased and most importantly I'm seeing my life with optimism for the first time in my life. I can't thank Kinga enough for the changes she's helped me realize.
Female, 35 Transformation Mastery
After the first two weeks, I had already noticed a difference in my life and relationships. I am a busy mom of two girls who comes from a people pleaser family and the last thing I wanted was to pass that along to them too. I had zero ability to set boundaries, communicate my own needs or confidently stand up for myself. By the end of the four weeks I am way more confident, taken big leaps in my own life and started communicating better which is drastically improving my relationships. 
There's a few key things I have taken away from the workshops that I think about multiple times a day and are such amazing little nuggets of wisdom. Kinga was so helpful, genuinely cared about everyone in the group and was our own personal cheerleader. The weekly notes were great! I pull them out every few days to reference something here or there so that’s been so amazing to have even after the workshop ended. I really feel like this class has changed my life. I know that sounds pretty loaded but it’s true. I was somewhat of a shell of myself at the beginning of all this and now it’s like I’ve gotten a glimps of the person I am for the first time in years and I just need to see her more and more. I’m forever grateful for this course and couldn’t recommend it enough. Even if you're just curious, take the leap - you’re curious for a reason. 

Female, 48 The Self-Control Solution and Private Sessions combination

Kinga has a gift! She knows how to ask the right questions to help me reach the real conclusions and dig me out of denial. I’ve felt like a ball of wires all tangled up, and she is helping me to literally unwind.

I decided at the beginning to go all in and surrender to my recovery. She has been invaluable to me.

I have recently included my young adult sons and daughter in additional sessions as I am clearly realizing addiction is a family disease. They are so happy to be working with her as well.
I know that I and my children can come to Kinga in confidence and she will meet us where we’re at emotionally, without judgment and with a deep understanding, knowledge and kindness.
I’m amazed by the practical results and tools that working with Kinga has given me and my children.
Thank you Kinga! We are excited to continue working with you!!

Female, 43 Transformation Mastery

I have been following Kinga for a while on social media and decided to reach out to her to discuss if we would be a good fit to work together. As I’m not addicted to alcohol or drugs, I wasn’t sure of her capacity to work with someone who wanted to work on themselves. I was most interested in understanding how people perceive me, how I can communicate better with those in my life and having healthier relationships with people around me, personally and professionally. I have worked with other therapists, social workers & professionals in the past and just haven’t felt the click, but about 5 minutes into our chat, I knew I wanted to work with Kinga. She made me feel so comfortable and heard - I felt safe to share absolutely everything with her and on that first call, lightbulbs were already starting to light up for me. I immediately signed up with her - although I am not an addict in the traditional sense of the word, I have addictions to people. Wanting to fix people, being a people pleaser, being a perfectionist, not having healthy boundaries with people….and the list goes on.

We made great strides together and, after the first few weeks I was well on my way with great tools and tips from Kinga to help me navigate this new world of personal and professional relationships. She is so genuine and respectful. There is a calm I felt even after such a short time working together. I feel more open and accepting than I ever have. I feel safer in my communication and relationships thanks to Kinga. I once texted Kinga that I felt like my chest had been cracked open and a bright light is shining out. I will continue on my path working with her as I still have a lot to sort out.  If you are contemplating working with Kinga, I would strongly recommend reaching out to her to see if you’re a fit. She has literally changed my life. Thank you Kinga.

Female, 27 Self-Control Solution
I was introduced to Kinga while attending a 3 week inpatient program. Before I started working with Kinga I was in a constant cycle of self sabotage and using. I reached out to work with Kinga specifically because I wanted to build off the hope, tools and encouragement she had given to me to get sober while attending the inpatient program.
Kinga has helped motivate me to live a substance free life and has given me the awareness of my constant need to self sabotage. Her guidance has given me the hope and the confidence that I can lead and actually live a life that is better than the one I have created for myself with drugs. I no longer feel like I am stumbling around in the dark. The lights are on!!!!

Female, 38 Self-Control Solution
I am a newish mom, and was really struggling with substance abuse. My behaviour was becoming increasingly concerning, mostly to me, as a lot of it was in secret, and produced feelings of guilt, shame, and overall emotional and physical sickness. A close friend of mine suggested that I check out Kinga's online presence, and so I did, and then immediately booked a consultation with her. What I love about Kinga's approach is that it works with your lifestyle, and isn't your typical/traditional support. You don't have to carve out an hour every time you want to connect, with awkward silence and trying to explain your circumstances to someone that doesn't get it. Kinga is relatable, empathetic, realistic, honest -she makes the process so comfortable, and makes you want better for yourself, right off the bat. It's amazing, honestly! She also shares fantastic readings, both that she authors herself, and great resources to review, throughout the process. After a relatively short time, I've had life-changing results that I am eternally grateful for. Not only in terms of being a better mom, but being a far superior version of myself; one that puts my mask on first before I help others, and sets real boundaries. I would highly encourage anyone going through issues, whether that is substance abuse, codependency issues - you name it. Kinga gets it, and will make your life a whole lot better! 
Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, Kinga!
Couple's Coaching:

We contacted Kinga for help with our relationships within our marriage and among our children. Kinga has helped us to be friends with one another in a tender and thoughtful manner. We had become complacent and a bit adversarial. We were disappointing one another. Kinga  helped to bring us back to learning to be a healthy and loving team.

This has been work. Very worthwhile work. Work that must continue so we can continue to be better for ourselves and for one another. 
Some weight of responsibility has been somewhat  lifted from me.
Kinga is intelligent and insightful. She is able to zero in on our words and our feelings and our body language. She is able to shine a light on new possibilities for us to consider. 
It sure has been a pleasure working with you our darling Kinga.