1. Are you having a couple of drinks everyday?
  2. Does alcohol play a leading role in your life?
  3. Are you mentally checked out at home, missing precious moments with your family, but slightly irritated by them needing you so much?
  4. Or passing out?
  5. Or waking up feeling sick?
  6. Wasting days of your life with a hangover?
  7. But... does the thought of not drinking make you so nervous that you feel like drinking?
  8. Do you wish you could be healthy and happy without relying on a drink to help you get there?
  9. You feel stuck in your comfort zone. Truly stuck.
  10. Are you tired of your family complaining about your drinking?
  11. Are you in danger of losing someone you love, your job,
    your hard-earned money?
  12. Constantly comparing your drinking to other people's drinking, and thinking, "well, at least I'm not that bad."
  13. Or spending time with friends and thinking, "well, everyone's drinking, so I can’t be that bad."
  14. Only spending time with people who drink.
  15. Or pouring your first drink after work and thinking that you've earned it.. and the next one, and the next one.
  16. Or being in a social gathering, drinking, and thinking you are the life of the party, the most interesting person in the room... when really, you're loud, argumentative, and making others uncomfortable.
  17. You have frequent conflict with people when you drink, but you're not sure why.

 If you answered YES to even ONE of these, we should definitely work together.

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