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Coach + Plunge Reset

Coach + Plunge Reset

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This new service is a unique combination for people who are craving a RESET, and want an immersive healing experience — literally.

I recommend monthly Reset sessions and am offering discounts to people who prioritize their wellbeing, when you book 3 or more session, paid in full.

The combination of coaching + breath + contrast is guaranteed to reset your body and mind, so if you've been feeling tired, lacking a lust for life, or frequently nervous, anxious, or frustrated, this reset session will leaving you feeling rejuvenated, focused, and enthusiastic about life again.

Who Could Use This?

• anyone who is screaming in the inside
• people feeling increased nervousness and anxiety
• people feeling powerless over their days/lives
• anyone who needs a hard reset in a big way 
• people trying to recover from substance use
• people trying to recover from someone else’s substance use
• literally any human who exists
• people who feel they need to recover from everything 

What You’ll Receive:

1. We begin with private coaching for whatever is consuming your thoughts at the moment. We’ll briefly discuss this ahead of time so I can tailor things for you. 

2. From there, I will take you through a 20-minute guided breathwork and meditation session, designed specifically for your needs as they have come up during coaching. A true adventure for your brain.

3. And I will then guide you through cold + hot therapies, which will exercise your brain and body simultaneously, and complete the therapeutic process, mind, body, and soul.

The Benefits to You:

• focused and specific coaching tailored to your needs so you can vent, release, and adjust some of your thinking to make it more true to you and what you need and want
• breathwork + meditation tailored specifically to you to slowwwww dowwwwn your brain and body to give your anxiety a break and think clearly.
• cold plunge + hot sauna rotations to connect your brain and body with mental and physical advantages such as a controlled stress response, total relaxation, inner peace, and so much more. 
• transferable improvements in your daily life: communication during conflict, calm during overwhelm, fewer mental health days off, fewer sick days, consistent positive outlook, less fear, and more.

The Cost of NOT Doing This Once A Month?

• continued mental and physical overwhelm
• avoidance of major issues in your life
• inability to calmly communicate
• continued physical ailments
• lack of purpose and direction will prohibit you from finding and achieving your goals
• "sick" days from work
• continued anger, frustration, anxiety to prevent you from controlling and enjoying your life

How To Book A Session:

1. Add to Cart and Check Out. You’ll receive a digital download with a waiver to sign.
2. I’ll email you to start planning the dates of your sessions! 

That's it! 

I look forward to guiding and witnessing your journey back to self-control, self-regulation, and total personal power!

This 2-hour private session takes place in the beautiful facilities of Cedarvale Wellbeing, Port Elgin’s premier Wilderness Contrast Therapy and Breathwork Studio. Open times are abundant and flexible but ultimately subject to Cedarvale’s availability. 

Couples and Group Coach + Plunge is available by request :) 




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