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Relationship Recovery Coaching

Relationship Recovery Coaching

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Please email through the website or to inquire further, or book your first session. 

Please note, I require a minimum of 4 sessions to begin, to be paid in full prior to our first session. A minimum of 4 sessions allows us to follow up and track your progress.

Payment can be made through e-transfer.


For families, partners, spouses, and friends.

These session are for people in any kind of relationship in which they are having difficulty with communication, intimacy/vulnerability, dependent behaviours, or control.

This is a one-hour virtual session with both people, with daily homework provided at the end of each session.

Typically, goals for these kinds of relationships include individual boundaries, discovering and implementing core values, assertive communication, identifying the roles they take in the relationship (for example, the "bad" one and the "good" one), and lots more.

Larger groups welcome. $50 extra for every person after 2. In-person depending on location, otherwise, all virtual. 

Send me a message if you think you and your family could benefit from a few sessions.

Looking forward to working with you! 


* Disclaimer: this is not intended to replace any other professional advice you have received or will receive. Please consult with a medical professional before you make any changes to your substance use, or medication use. For ongoing mental health issues, please seek psychotherapy. If you are in crisis, please visit an emergency room. Take care of YOU! *

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