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Private Sessions

Private Sessions

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Please email through the website or to connect with me, and book your first 4 sessions. 

Please note, I require a minimum of 4 sessions to begin, to be paid in full prior to our first session. A minimum of 4 sessions allows us to follow up and track your progress.


Via video chat, we will connect weekly for a minimum of 4 sessions to start transforming your life. We will keep track of your progress, hold you accountable, and you will complete weekly homework that is tailored specifically to your needs.

I’m going to push you to transform into an improved version of yourself, and to see permanent results.


Please note: refunds are not offered if you miss an appointment without 24-hours notice. 

 * Disclaimer: this is not intended to replace any other professional advice you have received or will receive. Please consult with a medical professional before you make any changes to your substance use, or medication use. For ongoing mental health issues, please seek psychotherapy. If you are in crisis, please visit an emergency room. Take care of YOU! *

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