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Transformation Mastery

Transformation Mastery

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The 3-month private Transformation Mastery program is the breakthrough you are looking for.

Through a number of pwrsonalized methods, I guide you toward the person you want to be, feeling the way you’d like to feel, and building the life you want.

You may feel stuck, but you know it's NOT okay to stay stuck.

This is tailored for people who:

✔️ have tried personal development on their own but feel their progress has stopped
✔️ feel unhappy, frustrated, unmotivated, either with themselves or with others
✔️ feel stuck in their personal development OR want to continue in a more meaningful, targeted way
✔️ feel frustrated by their romantic lives, or family relationships
✔️ have completed another type of coaching program and are looking for continued, profound self-improvement

Together, we will propel you forward in:
→ self-perception, awareness, acceptance, accountability
→ attachments and relationships
→ honesty, boundaries, communication, and manipulative behaviours
→ replacing people-pleasing behaviours with firm confidence 
... and more

You will receive personalized programming, resources, and coaching designed to push you forward toward the person you want to be.

We will complete virtual coaching check-ins to keep you accountable, re-calibrate some of your thoughts, and boost your self-perception.

This is the service that has proven to be the most productive in being consistent and vigilant in your life adjustments.

The Transformation Mastery program is a minimum of 3 months, and you may decide to continue the program for longer.

I look forward to guiding and witnessing your journey! 


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